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Telescope Hosting

The goal for an astrophotographer or a group of astrophotographers is to integrate hundreds and hundreds of hours using a system that allows them to collect data under the best possible sky.

After years of experience, we wanted to create a rental formula that includes everything necessary to remotely operate your equipment under the darkest skies in peninsular Italy.

The formula is simple and straightforward: You'll find everything you need, set up your equipment, and from the same evening, you can start remote shooting!

Our Telescope Hosting formula includes:

● Redundant internet connection with backup line

● VPN access through a private client

● Individual Wired network for each station

● Internal cloud capability for data storage

● Allsky Cam for monitoring weather conditions

● Weather station with drivers for closing the roof under UNSAFE conditions

● Dome Camera (remotely adjustable) for each setup accessible via dedicated Web/App platform.

● 220V electrical power supply with UPS to ensure service continuity even in case of power failure

● Remote-controlled switch for turning on and off the setup accessible via app/web platform

● Sturdy pier with mounting flange compatible with the mount

● Access to the box via provided key

● 24-hour monitoring system to detect accesses

● Remote support in case of emergency

● Single roof for each section of the box, motorized and automated through provided Ascom driver

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