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The Founders

The project founders are actively involved in strategic decision-making, establishing agreements, and organizing outreach events to foster the growth of the Association in an inclusive and cooperative environment.

Giorgio Diegoli

Born in 1981, from the province of Bologna, I'm curious, I believe in what I do, and I put a lot of passion into it. I hold the position of Sales Director at a company that offers technological services to businesses. I work with people, and the relationships between them stimulate me a lot. My passion for the sky exploded following the loss of my father. I needed to feel connected to something I didn't understand, to imagine, to glimpse meanings much larger than myself. For me, DeepLab is an opportunity to understand time, to disseminate knowledge, and to grow as a person. In DeepLab, I handle business relationships and project growth.

Massimiliano Peri

Born in 1976, from Riva Trigoso in the Ligurian Riviera di Levante, I am determined and strive to achieve my goals in the shortest time possible. Daily challenged by new trials, I have learned to take advantage. I am a Computer Engineer registered with the Genoa Engineering Association, and I provide consultancy to companies. Throughout my work experience, I have acquired skills in the field of designing microcontroller systems, industrial automation, and human-machine interfaces. In 1984, I received my first telescope, a Konus "yellow" 70/900, for Christmas, and that's when my passion for astronomy began. My first "astrophoto" dates back to a few years later with a mechanical SLR camera: a beautiful blurry moon! Unfortunately, for a long period, I had to abandon this passion, and only in recent years have I had the opportunity to resume it. DeepLab is, for me, a challenge! In DeepLab, I handle all aspects necessary for the remote automation of observatories, as well as develop and post-process images for the group.

Gianni Di Bello

Class of '89, born in Florence. In DeepLab, I reside in the control room to manage the acquisition sequences. In the setup, I'm the jack-of-all-trades regarding shooting setups and observatories.

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