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format_quoteAn ecosystem is the playground you need to grow a business.format_quote

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Want to Bridge the Gap to the Future? Join us.

We support the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. We created a strong and supportive ecosystem to make your startups grow faster and succeed.

  1. On demand program

    format_quote Join an unique ecosystem.
    Accelerate your development. format_quote

    No obligations, no rules. We created an environement where each resident could come to reach the necessaries milestones for the achievement of their goals. Resident startups can stay as long as they need.

  2. Dedicated Workspaces

    Our flexible memberships are ideal for seed and growing startups. Private offices are designed for teams of 1-6. Dedicated desks and coworking memberships suit independents and researchers needs with affordable flexibility. Upgrade your plan as your business grows.


    €4 per day

    Team's Workspaces

    €414 per month

    Dedicated desks

    €69 per month
  3. Perks

    Startups membership at The Lab includes a large range of services, grants and discounts. We designed our perks to allow residents to focus on their business instead of intendance.

    Grants & Discounts

    €350K+ grants from our partners Google, AWS, Salesforce, SendGrid...

    24/7 access

    This is your office. Come, hack whenever you want.

    Storage option

    For €2 per day rent a locker, get a business address in Paris.

    Business Partners

    Get use the cases you need to validate your business model.

    Access to Investors

    Involved resident VC's and business angels in your development.

    Master classes

    Learn from the best how to build and fund a scalable business.


    Get experts tricks to solve your tech and business challenges.

    Networking & events

    Grow your network. Meet the right business facilitators.


    Catch the intention of medias and potential customers. Shine.
  4. Mentorship

    format_quoteWe nuture the next generation of successful entrepreneursformat_quote

    The mentorship program is held by deep-tech entrepreneurs, researchers and accomplished business experts for ambitious entrepreneurs.

    We selected 100 mentors from AI, Data and robotics industries to provide practical day-to-day support and introductions to hosted startups.

    Become a mentor

  5. Masterclasses

    Our mentors and affiliated experts provide hands-on and result oriented training. From pitching to algoritm optimisation, the various workshops aim to help participants develop creative capacity, entrepreneurial confidence, and acquire the skills to build scalable startups that solve real problems with AI and Data science.

    Animate a Masterclass

  6. Workshops

    format_quoteWe designed transformational workshops to help
    corporate and startups build business based technical partnership.format_quote

    The workshops program cover recent progress in AI and data science area. Speakers aim to highlight the latest research, applications and market-ready technologies in main areas of AI, Data science and Robotics. Experience Valuable Interactions.

    Animate a workshop

  7. Corporate acceleration

    format_quote Disrupt or Be Disrupted.format_quote

    format_quoteOpening an accelerator is a strategic decision that allows big corporates to stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing economy. It’s a growth hacking tactic that helps corporates gain exposure to startups, engage with them and stay close to innovation, a critical topic especially in a business climate starved for growthformat_quote
    Zack Weisfeld
    General Manager Microsoft accelerators


    ⊕ Avoiding the Kodak Moment by Providing Insights
    ⊕ Boosting Sales and Marketing
    ⊕ Attracting More Collaborations and Partnerships
    ⊕ Creating a Culture of Intrepreneurship Across the Company
    ⊕ Reducing the intergenerational culture gap
  8. Meetups

    The Open Lab support researchers, startups and established organizations with Deep Learning initiatives. All backgrounds are welcomed! We host monthly events in the the parisian Open Lab. The meetup aim is to bring AI enthusiasts together, build the european leading AI community and move forward the research and technology advancement. We made it simple, fun, collaborative, inclusive.


  9. Demodays

    format_quoteThe Demodays is an event for The Lab residents and extended AI community members willing to show and discuss what they've built in the past month.format_quote

    Come out to discover the most advanced startup and researcher in the field of AI pitching their works, company, current status, and where they are headed next.

    Hear feedback from local Mentors & Entrepreneurs as they offer insight to each pitch.

    The format will be as follows: 7 Startups will be pitching at the event 3 Minute Pitch & Deck Presentation. For any startups looking to be included in the pitch event, please fill out the application form.

    6:00-6:30PM - Networking
    6:30-7:30PM - Presentations

    Audience Q&A/Networking
    The Pitch should cover:
    -Product Explanation & Demo
    -Growth Strategy
    -How you will monetize your product or service
    -Explain if you are bootstrapping or seeking funding
    -2 Minutes of Mentor Discussion will follow each pitch

    Upon conclusion of all the pitches we will have about 30 minutes of open audience Q&A. Open Networking following the event.


  • Brunches

    format_quoteIf you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.format_quote
    -Robert KIYOSAKI

    Experienced and sucessful global entrepreneurs are invited to speak and share a meal with The Lab residents and extended AI european community. First class industry actor are called to come and tell their story and answer questions on a specific topic.

    It is the opportunity to meet and chat with other founders, businesses and researchers in a decontracted environnement. Delicious cocktails and brunch are provided.

    The numbers of places are limited therefore we are asking you to honestly assess whether you fit the criteria before you sign up for the event.

    You should be:

    Early stage/pre-seed in AI, Data science and Robotics industries
    Actively working on your startup or Ph.D.
    Be seeking support and opportunities to meet other founders
    Be seeking support and opportunities to meet businesses
    Be seeking support and opportunities to meet other investors

    It's a ticketed event with an application process - if you're interested please:


  • Mentors

    New Mentors join us regularly. Check back to see the latest members.

    Change makers with global business experience to share, are welcome. Join the board of mentors and strengthen the resident startups with your network, hilights and experiences.

    Portfolio Item

    Trang LÊ BOZON - lecturer at UCLA

    ‎Executive Coach at Time To Pitch
    COO at Pactera Technology International
    Mentor & Advisory Board Member at ‎BRAINCITIES LAB ®
    Portfolio Item

    Kazé A. ONGUENE - ECE, La Sorbonne

    Founder at BRAINCITIES LAB ®
    Portfolio Item

    Jose R. GALLARDO - Jaen University

    Ph.D, Physicist, Head of research at BRAINCITIES LAB ®
    Portfolio Item

    Martial LÊ BOZON - ESC Grenoble

    Real estate, CEO at MIB - Laforet Immobilier
    Mentor & Advisory Board Member at ‎BRAINCITIES LAB ®
    Portfolio Item

    Le CNAM Paris, FR

    CEO - Operation manager at Epigraam
    Portfolio Item

    AMU University, FR

    Ph.B, Head of prospective, Founder at BRAINCITIES LAB ®
    Portfolio Item

    Bilyana HUET
    ICN Business School, Nancy, FR

    Program Management Director chez Viadeo
    Mentor & Advisory Board Member at ‎BRAINCITIES LAB ®
    Portfolio Item

    Hugo IMMINK - Tilburg University,NL

    HR Manager, Barcelona, Spain - HCC Global
    Coach, facilitator, trainer at Rainmen Europe
    Startupbootcamp IoT & Data Tech Mentor


    The Lab support a community of over 2500 people specialized in AI, Data sciences and robotics. Members come from all over the world.

    About Us

    Engineers, Startups, Ph.D and
    talents from all over the world


    VCs and business angels


    World class corporates
    and businesses


    Experienced industry experts
    as mentors and facilitators

    Our Gold Partners


    We need your support
    to grow bigger and faster.

    GOLD 150,000

    Company logo on all supports
    Special announcement
    Video ad in opening speech
    Video ad in closing speech
    Branded transition slides
    Full page ad in event journal
    Banner in registration area
    Promo items in Swag Bag

    Support Now
    SILVER 100,000

    Logo on conference website
    Article on brainboard.co
    Branded transition slides
    1/2 page ad in partner journal
    Ad in program and newsletter
    Sponsorship on event poster
    Brochure on Registration desk
    Promo items in Swag Bag

    Support Now
    BRONZE 50,000

    Logo on conference website
    Article on brainboard.co
    Branded transition slides
    1/4 page ad in partner journal
    Sponsorship on event poster
    Promo items in Swag Bag

    Support Now
    Special Grants (From) 180,500

    Software Engineering Grant
    Computer Science Grant
    Braincities program expenses
    Sponsoring an amazing speaker
    Hosting a post-workshop

    Support Now

    Contact us if you have special request

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    “We gather resources, highlights and networks
    to connect you with the best opportunities.”

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